Act 1, Scene 14 – “Here’s the very beginning.”

Othello5easysteps-page-001Notes on Othello in Five Easy Steps

A little bit of personal history this week, with what is technically the very first Zounds cartoon.

When I first thought about doing a Shakespeare-inspired comic strip many moons ago, the Five Easy Steps format was the concept I had in mind. (Although at the time, it would have been illustrated with images from plays and movies instead of drawing it myself. Too much like hard work…) By the time I actually started tackling the project seriously, it had developed into something a bit more varied and complex with characters who actually interact with each other, but I thought these early ideas could still fit in, so here’s the very beginning. (With some shamelessly recycled artwork from the actual first cartoon. Did I mention the hard work?)

It’s definitely a more primitive affair than the stuff I’ve been doing recently, but it was a nice change of pace all the same.

Be sure to check out next week, when Zounds will feature a very special guest star…