Act 1, Scene 19 – “A nice touch of Rapunzel imagery.”

R&J5easy steps-page-001Notes on Romeo and Juliet in Five Easy Steps

The Shakespeare in Five Easy Steps series returns this week, with the star-cross’d lovers and their tale of woe. It was high time I drew Romeo and Juliet together, having tackled them both separately. Of all the characters who’ve made return appearances so far, Juliet was the easiest to match to what had gone before – I do love drawing those crazy pigtails, and putting her in the balcony scene gives her a nice touch of Rapunzel imagery. As for her beau, I hadn’t realised how similar he and Prince Hal look – it’s a bit more noticable now  he’s stopped grinning like a loon all the time. They’ll probably never appear in the same strip, so I’m not too worried, but I may be tempted to give one of them a new hairstyle somewhere down the line.

If this has put you in the mood for more of the tragic twosome, check out The Shakespearean Student, who’ve been running a series of articles on Romeo and Juliet over the past month.