Act 1, Scene 18 – “Unsophisticated pothead humour.”

balefulweeds-page-001Notes on Baleful Weeds and Precious-Juiced Flowers

So, basically, this happened.

When this story popped up, I knew I really ought to do something with it, so after last week’s all-singing, all-dancing epic, it’s time to settle back for some unsophisticated pothead humour. Infinite variety, and all that.

We’ve got a little touch of Touchstone in the night with this one. Touchstone is one of my favourite Shakespearean characters that I’ve played, and I’d happily cite his scenes with Audrey as exhibit A in disproving the commonly held belief that Shakespearean clowns are never funny. But, yeah, that mustard and pancakes speech…

But never mind that, here’s Sir Walter Raleigh! Looking absolutely nothing like he did in real life! (Er… hooray?) I knew I wanted Shakespeare to be smoking his strange concoctions with someone, and Raleigh seemed the obvious candidate – if only he didn’t have a pointy beard and a receding hairline, which would have made pictures of the two of them very confusing.

I toyed with giving him a signature amusing hat that he would never remove, but in the end, the simplest answer was to make him more stereotypical – Raleigh’s an adventurer, so he looks like one, with lantern jaw, hairy chest and perfectly groomed mustaches. (Although, there also seems to be  a hint of Terry-Thomas in Raleigh’s DNA, which is a bit weird.)

Looking at the finished cartoon, it almost seems like once Shakespeare is stoned, the Lady materialises out of thin air. I’m not saying she does, mind you, but it does kind of look that way…

The site has also undergone a few changes. I’d had some comments about how the dark background made the site hard to read, so I’m experimenting with a cleaner look, as well as finally sorting out a banner logo. I particularly like how the archive page has turned out, it actually looks like a sketch pad. Many thanks to the folks at Community Pool for their feedback.

This week’s cartoon has had the quickest turnaround ever for a Zounds and it’s a little rough and ready compared to some of the others – hopefully not too much…


“Seriously, is that supposed to me in the last panel? It looks like Tom Hiddleston in drag.”


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