Act 1, Scene 23 – “Absurdly beefy.”

macbeth1-page-001Notes on Toil and Trouble Part One

Two big new developments in Zounds this week, with the first two-part cartoon and the long overdue debut of Macbeth.

From the get-go, Zounds has been full of skinny characters with spindly arms, so I always had it in mind that Macbeth would be absurdly beefy when he turned up. I came up with his look a long time ago, but somehow his cartoons always ended up getting shoved to the back of the queue in favour of other ideas, so it’s great to finally unleash the big fella. He’s ended up so huge, it’s a bit of a fiddle framing him alongside normal sized characters, so rather than cramming all three witches into one corner, the mother and the maiden (who is clearly a distant relation of Magrat Garlick) let the crone do all the talking. I remain undecided for now whether Lady M will be similarly gigantic.

This is definitely Zounds at its most unrepentantly silly, and probably driven more by the character design than the source material. Mind you, Macbeth does tend to go to some pretty dark and low places when things turn bad, so this is really the other side of that coin.

And it’s not over yet for our humongous anti-hero, who will be continuing his adventures in predestination next week.