Act 1, Scene 20 – “Back seat directing.”

players-page-001Notes on The Play’s The Thing

Hamlet returns to Zounds this week, with his words of advice to the players. You’ve got to hand it to a writer who inserts his back seat directing into the actual text of the play.

I’ve been getting a bit experimental of late, so wanted to do something more along the lines of the early comics, and to use Shakespeare’s own words (words, words) again. I was also very keen to get Hamlet back into the mix after far too long.

For something else funny that happened on the way to Elsinore, head over to Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such, where Don Royster is writing an ongoing comic account of the entire play – and which has also reached the arrival of the players.

Oh, and Hamlet? Don’t saw the air too much with your hand? Hello Mr Kettle, I’m Mr Pot.


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