Act 1, Scene 29 – “Fantastic heroine and clown-who-is-actually-funny.”

ayli5easysteps-page-001Notes on As You Like It in Five Easy Steps

The third installment of Shakespeare in Five Easy Steps ventures into the depths of Arden Forest, for a look at As You Like It. The writer half of me was so delighted to get to tackle one of my favourite comedies, along with its fantastic heroine and clown-who-is-actually-funny, that the artist half didn’t notice he’d have to cram nine characters into the fifth panel until it was too late…

But I’m very happy with ticking Rosalind off the list of great Shakespearean characters, and I’m pleased with her cheeky attitude in the strip. She’s not a very Zounds friendly character as, like Falstaff, she’s already the funniest character in her own play, so really needs a special context like this to turn up. But I’m determined to bring her back at some point in the future.

On the subject of cross-dressing heroines, Portia and Nerissa’s first appearance in Zounds has been entered in a comic-strip art competition as part of this year’s Thought Bubble Comic Convention. The entries will be on display in an exhibition at Leeds Central Library in November, and an online gallery of the artwork featured can be found here. Shakespeare’s greatest legal minds will also be making a return to the web series in a couple of weeks.

Oh and yes, feel free to imagine Audrey’s line in a ludicrous Mummerset accent.


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