Act 1, Scene 30 – “She clearly doesn’t do meta.”

authorship-page-001Notes on Confusion Now Hath Made His Masterpiece

Will and the Lady gets to grips with the knotty question of authorship in this week’s Zounds – with a little help from their old friend Sir Walter Raleigh.

I’d been kicking this one around for a while, and the sticking point was always the third character I needed to do the punchline. Elizabeth I was unlikely to pop round unannounced and I hadn’t set up anyone else. I thought about the man in the hat from Shakespeare’s debut, but it felt like he would then have to actually be someone and not just a random line feed.

But then Raleigh made his little cameo and a few months back, and had a whiff of potential about him. His swaggering Flashheart-y demeanour seemed a nice complement to Will’s artistic angst, so now he’s officially scored his recurring character stripes and will be popping up again in act two.

It was interesting to draw the Lady getting exasperated with Will – she’s been a generally cheerful character thus far, but her patience has its limits. She clearly doesn’t do meta.



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