Act 1, Scene 34 – “Colossal Shakespearean booze-ups.”

drinks-page-001Notes on Interval Drinks

The curtain is coming down on act one, and the gang’s all here to celebrate getting this far.

I wanted a big finish for the first year, and to find an excuse to bring together as many characters as I could. Thanks are due to Don Royster of Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such who planted this idea in my head a few months back. From such seeds are colossal Shakespearean booze-ups born.

This was a technically complicated affair. Having six characters to a panel all talking at once is a trickier set-up than your typical Zounds. But revisiting all these characters (plus a bonus Martin Freeman) was fun. It’s been nearly two years since I last drew Othello and Iago, for the very first cartoon, so it seemed right and proper that they got the opening lines in this one. I’m reminded how particularly happy I am with Juliet as a piece of character design, although she’s not been in the series much. I need to think about finding new things for her to do next year. The line-up continued to grow in the editing – Titus lurking in the background was a last minute addition.

This is unreservedly an in-jokey affair, so for some background, check out the following earlier cartoons.

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It’s not quite over yet – unlike Peter Quince, I don’t intend to leave my epilogue alone…



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