Act 2, Scene 30 – “The dramatic denouement.”

Trial1-page-001Notes on The Trial of Antonio Part One

This week’s Zounds is the start of something new, with the first chapter of a six-part story taking us through the dramatic denouement of The Merchant of Venice!

I’ve been happy with how the various two and three parters have worked out so far, so wanted to try something even bigger. Portia and Nerissa struck me as the ideal characters to take on this journey – they’ve always been favourites of mine, and their odd couple relationship seemed like a good foundation for this experiment.

This one follows on pretty much straight from their first appearance, so I guess that’s now retconned as a prologue. It seemed in keeping with the Wodehouse-ish servant cleverer than the master theme to have Nerissa come up with the plan to outwit Shylock, while Portia focuses on other things…

There’s been another new development this past week – Zounds now has a platform on webcomic site Tapastic. I’m going to be reprinting the old act one cartoons there on a roughly daily basis until I’ve caught up with the original site, then the two sites will keep pace with each other. You can access the comics through the site itself or their app – take a look if you fancy catching up with some of the early stuff, as well as the huge variety of fantastic comic strips available on the site!

Next week it’s into the courtroom – what manner of mandrag will our heroines wear?


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