There will now follow a brief intermission.

Greetings and happy new year to you all. This is just a quick update on how things are looking for the future of Zounds.

Like Hamlet, I’m very much in the planning stages at the moment, and like Hamlet, it might be a while before we get to act three. While I certainly intend to publish more cartoons this year, there are other projects that need my attention at the moment. As I posted before Christmas, I suspect there won’t be a comic every week this year either. However, do keep an eye on the site, as more poetic ramblings are definitely on the way!

At the moment, I’m working out ideas for a couple of multi-part stories, most around the same length as The Trial of Antonio, but one that is substantially longer – so at some point I’m going to have to sit down and write it in its entirety before I draw anything.

It seemed remiss (and possibly inviting bad luck) to leave the Christmas special up for all of January, so for the time being, I’ve come up with an illustrated version of the summary I’ve been using while promoting the site to give any new visitors a handy introduction to the main characters. Long term, this will probably form the basis of a revised about page, but for now, call it a front cover.

That’s it for now, but William Shakespeare will return…


One thought on “There will now follow a brief intermission.

  1. Ah, c’mon. Don’t do a Hamlet. All that doubting. I bet he couldn’t even choose whether he wanted bacon and eggs or pancakes for breakfast. Be more like Romeo. Full speed ahead. Who knows? You might just do much better than Ol’ Rome.

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