Act 3, Scene 6 – “A Roman nose.”

Notes on Burbage

Shakespeare’s great theatrical collaborator is now joining the bard’s adventures, ready and willing to play Bottom to Will’s Quince. As with Raleigh, I’ve not been too beholden to Burbage’s actual appearance. I’ve given him a bit of a Roman nose, as befits his leading man status, which is very different from the rather bulbous conk nature bestowed him with. I like the idea of him being noticeably older and portlier than many of the characters he is called upon to play, but that nobody has ever dared to point this out to him.

This is a simple gag, really just intended to stretch some long-neglected muscles as I contemplate trying something new in the world of Zounds, and also to get Dick’s foot in the door. We’ll see where he goes from here.