Act 2, Scene 27 – “Assorted Moonshine props.”

Starveling-page-001Notes on Rude Mecrabbicals

This week’s cartoon is something of a personal celebration, as I’m looking back on a decade of performing Shakespeare.

My first role in a Shakespeare play was Starveling in an open-air production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which opened 10 years ago this week. That experience was the start of many great things in my life, (including, indirectly, Zounds itself) which is why my self-portrait on the About page features Starveling’s assorted Moonshine props. I decided this week’s cartoon should mark the occassion by featuring the rude mechanical. I also wanted it to tie it in to the very early days of Zounds, so I recast the actor who played Launce way back in the day as Starveling, with Crab as the Man in the Moon’s dog. Somehow, the play within a play structure lends itself to this kind of character overlap, especially since the original Launce cartoon played on the idea that these were actors rather than real people and Crab later popped up in Shakespeare’s actual life.

I’m with Crab on how to deliver that line, by the way. cover