Act 2, Scene 20 – “A merry day’s mischief.”

Puck-page-001Notes on Puck

Puck gets up to no good in his first Zounds appearance, based on his introductory speech describing a typical merry day’s mischief.

sketchoberonlIt’s been a while since I originally designed Puck as part of the concept art for Oberon, and now he’s graduated to the strip proper, I took the chance to tweak his design a little. He’s still going with the cod Victoriana style, which gives him a distinctive look even among the fairies, never mind medieval or Tudor characters. However, I’ve made his top hat a bit shorter and broader, as the original version actually detracts from his key feature of being really short. I’ve also shaved his head – the long hair and pointy ears got in each other’s way a bit. I still like the look of his body shape, though – the spindly Gollum arms married to thick, stumpy legs – so that’s stayed the same.

We also have the First Fairy – I do love that the most prominent fairy other than Puck and the royal couple doesn’t get a name, while all Titania’s courtiers do. She’s inherited the leaf-based clothing I had in mind for Oberon but abandoned, right down to having leaves for wings. The pixie cut also gives her a very distinctive look among the big hairstyles so fashionable in these parts.