Ac1 1, Scene 32 – “Exactly what Hamlet would do.”

Boxes2-page-001Notes on All that Glitters Part Two

Portia and Nerissa’s two-part adventure draws to a close, as the Prince of Morocco makes his disastrous choice. Oh well, better luck next time… Oh, yes, right.

These two cartoons were originally developed separately, which created the problem that they were two jokes with the same set-up. (The first two panels would have had to be more or less identical if I’d done them as individual pieces.) Combining them sorted out this issue, but also meant that our plucky suitor couldn’t be Bassanio, since he needed to fail, so Morocco gets the part. (As for the Prince of Aragon, let’s just say I have a better use for him in mind…)

Duke Giuliano of San Martino is actually a supporting character from the 1976 Doctor Who story The Masque of Mandragora. That’s him with the big hair looking nervous next to the vomiting cavalier.These things amuse me.

And, yes, that is Hamlet, or at least another scion of the no-doubt thrice-accursed Elsinore lineage. I couldn’t resist sticking a familiar face in the mix, and that is exactly what Hamlet would do if he had to woo Portia – he’d be clever enough to figure out the riddle and bloody-minded/sexually repulsed enough to deliberately screw it up.