Act 1, Scene 24 – “Fan fiction writers, start your engines.”

macbeth2-page-001Notes on Toil and Trouble Part Two

Our two-part Macbeth adventure comes to a conclusion this week, as the invincible king learns the importance of reading the terms and conditions.

And seemingly, one of those conditions involves parodies of Pixar heroines. Once I knew this cartoon needed a medieval Scottish girl with a bow, I realised I was basically going to be drawing Merida, so decided to go with it – but obviously, just different enough not to infringe any copyright laws Mr. Disney lawyer, sir. Ahem. But, yes, if you like, you can imagine that Brave and Macbeth take place in the same fictional feudal Scotland. Fan fiction writers, start your engines.

But far more important is to remember the dangers of invoking ancient internet memes, at least if you value your thatched roof cottages.

Of course, the full policy doesn’t say a thing about vengeance-crazed warriors delivered by primitive C-section, so Macbeth is still doomed. Oh, those tricksy witches…