Act 2, Scene 24 – “Our woman in the 21st century.”

Legacy-page-001Notes on No Legacy Is so Rich as Honest Part Three

The Lady concludes this three-parter and helps Will out of the confused state Raleigh’s personal philosophy has plunged him into. It’s been an interesting change to give Will someone else to talk to for a bit, but coming back to the core characters felt like the right way to wrap this up.

And say hello to Roz, our purveyor of Seth Grahame-Smith knock-offs. I want Zounds to have the option of dipping a toe in the present day every once in a while, so Roz is now officially our woman in the 21st century. Her character design started with the glasses, simply because Zounds is never going to feature another character with glasses.

I feel happy with how the three-parters have worked out, and am now starting work on something a bit more ambitious for later in the year.

Oh, and the answer to the burning, eternal philosophical quandary that this cartoon presents us with is this – Batman can beat anyone, given enough prep time.