Act 2, Scene 36 – “The most famous little sonnet of them all.”

Sonnet18-page-001Notes on Sonnet 18

After our six-week journey through the world of The Merchant of Venice, it seemed like a good time to pull back to our main characters – and what better way to do it than with the most famous little sonnet of them all?

This week also sees the return of 21st-century Roz, our woman in the present day, an era that has less poetry but similar priorities. I’ve firmed up her character design a little bit, giving her a more defined hairstyle. I think Roz, unlike most Zounds characters, or comic-strip characters in general, will probably have a varied wardrobe rather than always wearing a single signature outfit. We’ll see where she shows up next.

The third panel is possibly my favourite drawing of The Lady thus far.