Act 2, Scene 5 – “Not actually Lady Macbeth.”

Cleopatra-page-001Notes on The Player Queen Part One: Cleopatra

Cleopatra’s death speech provides the basis for this little slice of Shakespearean life.

Basically, this one came out of the fact that at some point I had to include these characters saying that line  – and it seemed like the perfect way to have them make their first appearance of the year.

The punchline for this one actually came before the choice of speech. I knew I wanted something dramatic, maybe along the lines of Lady Macbeth, but not actually Lady Macbeth, since that would involve closing doors I’d like to remain open.

However, one thing rapidly led to another, and I realised this simple joke had implications. Then I also realised the implications also had implications, so the end result is that we’re going to be staying with these guys a little while longer…